Renault Clio 1.2.T 2002 Turbo-Benzin 74KWKW Bosch BFE8.RFWH.Original

£ 0.00 each

Whats in this file?

The file is an un-modified original (original) base read file. This contains all the standard map information for you to use as a footprint for your own tuning or to revert a vehicle back to standard tuning.

You must ensure both the hardware and software versions match as although they are often very similar there may be subtle changes to memory locations from one revision to another on the same hardware revision.  You have been warned !!

How can I use the file?

Most newer vehicles have read protection enabled by default so the only option available on most tools is to write a file.  Don't be fooled by tools quoting virtual reads ect, all they do is read the ID from the ECU and then download an original (ori) file like this one from their own database.  This is then modified by yourself or you can buy a tuned file from your slave tool dealer (or from us if you have a master tool).  You can then upload the file to the vehicle in question.  You can also download one of our original files and copy the necessary map changes across to any full reads (OBD or BDM) using software such as winols (yes even 2.24) to revert a bdm back to standard values.

What gains will I get from your files?

Nothing from these files - they are original (ori) files remember!!