Opel 2.0CDTI Insignia 2010 Turbo-Diesel 95.6KWKW Bosch 0281017105 2CF6.RFWH.Stage1

£ 0.00 each

Whats in this file?

The file includes all necessary map changes etc... to tune the vehicles engine control unit (ECU) to the specified stage (shown in the product title).  Any OFF switches e.g. EGR OFF or DPF OFF will also be shown in the title.

How can I use the file?

Most newer vehicles have read protection enabled by default so the only option available on most tools is to write a file.  Don't be fooled by tools quoting virtual reads ect, all they do is read the ID from the ECU and then download an original (ori) file from their own database.  This is then modified by yourself or you can buy a tuned file from your slave tool dealer (or from us if you have a master tool).  You can then upload the file to the vehicle in question.  You can also download one of our tuned files and copy the necessary map changes across to any full reads (OBD or BDM) using software such as winols (yes even 2.24)

What gains will I get from your files?

This one is obviously a lot more complicated but as a rule you can expect anything from 25-40% gains depending on the stage selected.  Please be aware that stage 2 and above generally are not suitable for an unmodified stock vehicle as they require changes to the induction system, exhaust system and often fuel delivery system as well as changes to the drivetrain (better clutch etc...) to make the tune stable.