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FAQ's and Fixes to Common Problems


The vehicle was not running properly and it's not improved after uploading the tuned file.


If your vehicle isn't running properly a remap is unlikely to make things better and can often make them worse, remap files are not magic mechanics so fault find your vehicle first before uploading any files to try to improve it.


I keep getting Kess V2 generic error or file size mismatch errors when trying to write the file?

This is caused by your tuning tool not being able to write a partial file to the ECU (map data only)


most files can be fixed by editing them within winols and adding an offset at the beginning of the file (free space)

You can also copy the map data from the tuned file to your own file with winols by using the compare side by side feature of winols - most files of 2mb size work well with an offset of 8000 ~(although some are higher)

When copying data always use the cntrl+shift+w option and choose absolute method of copying

It's obvious what the offset is when compared side by side as you will see the exact matches in lots of data at the start of the map data block - make a note of this address and use that as your offset.

If you are not sure how to do this just drop us an email and we can sort this for you.


The car won't start after uploading the file or the oil pressure warning light is on or other random warning lights?


This is often caused by checksum failures - the vast majority of our files have the checksum already corrected (shown as a value at the end of the file name like 04CD3) and this can cause problems with clone interfaces which try to correct an already corrected checksum.

You can remove the checksum correction by opening the file within winols and then changing 1 value in the map data area by an increment of 1 (e.g. the value is 45 change to 44 or 46) when prompted if you want to correct the checksum select no.

Additional prompts about whether you're sure you want to disable checksum correction may pop up and you will need to agree to all of these.

Then save the file as a BIN file and upload to the car - this will correct most if not all checksum issues when writing with clone interfaces (and genuine one's).


I have uploaded a new map and now the car has lost all boost after a short journey (there was a loud pop or bang and then lots of hissing).


This is quite common in older turbo cars with lots of miles on them and unknown service/repair history and is caused by extra boost pressure forcing or bursting boost pipes/intercoolers or joints.

Often this can be a pain to trace but a smoke tester is the quickest method as this forces non toxic but highly visible smoke through the intake system and is then visible where there are any leaks or broken parts/fittings.

Boost pressure increases are very common in remap files and it is for this reason that our terms and conditions clearly state (as it does elsewhere) that you should always fully prepare the vehicle before attempting to increase power output.

Failure to do so can lead to problems such as these and an increase in time required to rectify them (even a pushed off boost pipe could take hours to find), simply going through every joint and checking clamps are tight and not showing signs of oil seepage (especially on diesels).  Oil seepage is often pushed out of small air leaks 

and leaves a telltale sign for you to follow.


As a general rule your cooling system should be in tip top condition before you start asking your engine to produce more power.  More power equals more heat and there is no escaping this fact but all vehicles are engineered with cooling systems that exceed the requirements of the vehicles they are fitted to when in good working order.

If you vehicle runs hot under normal use you should clean the system and check for any missing/broken or sticking parts (like thermostats).  A common problem is missing pump vanes on water pumps (plastic and metal are known to fail over time) so if your vehicle is running hot check these first.

Some performance vehicles are know to have recommended water pump changes every 5 years as a precautionary measure for just this reason.




Any other issues just drop us an email or give us a call and we will most likely be able to help.

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